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Chevy Chase - Short People

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  1. Hollywood only gives leading roles to actors they know can carry a movie and "put butts in seats," as the expression goes. Chevy Chase could do that in the '80s, and as long as people kept coming.
  2. Chevy Chase Trust Online Terms and Conditions. Chevy Chase Trust will provide Internet access through Chevy Chase Trust Online (CCT Online) to the undersigned, (the registered client or a representative designated by the registered client), for the viewing, retrieval, or .
  3. Chevy Chase was filming 'Modern Problems' in and was nearly killed by electrocution during a stunt that went wrong. He was wearing lights dreaming he is a plane when the lights short circuited.
  4. Facts: Parody of Randy Newman's infamous hit, "Short People." From Chevy's album CHEVY CHASE.
  5. Comedian and actor Chevy Chase is known for his role on the first season of SNL and his roles in countless classic comedies, including Caddyshack, National Lampoon's Vacation and >Fletch.
  6. Feb 17,  · The short interview hinted at Chase's "The ugly truth is that a lot of people don't love Chevy Chase and soon people began to forget that it wasn't called The Chevy Chase Show.

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